Love and Damage — D&D Spells Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Are you looking to spice up your spells this Valentine’s Day? Take your D&D campaign to the NEXT LEVEL with these awesome Valentines’ Day Potions and Spells.

This post comes to us via our newest contributor, Amish Avenger!

There is a common stereotype floating around out there that most role players are a bunch of unromantic He-men, who have more fun slaying the dragon than spending time with the princess.  That we would rather play a bad ass barbarian orc-chieftain focusing on uniting his tribe under one flag, than play a dainty elf barb, whose song could unite the world.  I wish I could tell you that this is wrong, but sadly, most of the time, it is not far from the truth.  I am one of those players who uses his charisma as his dump stat.  I have attacked the troll not to save the damsel, but for it’s treasure.

But with today being Valentine’s Day, I figured why not add some different spells to the arrows in my quiver, so here are 3 variants of the Charm Spell and some unique ways to use them in your next campaign.

1. Elixir of Love:


Upon drinking this sweet tasting liquid the drinker becomes charmed with the first creature they see for a few hours.  The elixir works like a Level 4 charm person spell, and last 1d3 hours, and can only be used on humanoid creatures medium and smaller. Like most magical items it can be empowered by the GM to last longer, and become more potent.  However, it never states that the first creature the affected player sees has to be medium or humanoid.



“You have made a mistake and that vial you drank was not the healing potion you thought.  Your character is now in love with the Beholder guarding the treasure.  Good luck.”  The GM

 2. Cupid’s Arrow:

Valentine-Arrow-smThis Level 4 spell creates an arrow that when it strikes a creature they fall in love with whoever shot them and will obey them for one minute.  This spell sounds almost like Charm Person, but if the target fails their roll badly they fall dangerously in love with the shooter.  If this happens the creature does not listen to the shooter and will act irrationally with love.  They may try to kidnap, hurt or murder them because they don’t feel they love them back the same way.  This is a neat Charm Spell like effect that gives an interesting negative to work with.

“You hit the Troll with the arrow.  He looks at you, blinks and charges in a murderous rage, screaming, ‘Why don’t you love me!’”-The GM

3. Necklace of Love and Soul Capture:

Valentine-Pendant-smHanging from a golden chain is a pendant in the shape of a heart, and in the pendant is big ruby with an emerald inside.*  This object looks like it has a high resale value on the gems alone, but what makes this necklace really powerful is that whoever is wearing it can make anyone of the opposite sex fall in love with them. (Does it have to be only the opposite sex — we’ll leave that to GM discretion.) Also, with a simple word anyone looking at the emerald can be sucked inside, body and soul. This power can only be used a limited amount of times a month, and only so many souls can be trapped inside. The sick part is the captive is in the emerald and is still in love with the wearer.

“She trapped me in the necklace?  That’s okay it’s just tough love.” -Player


Thank you to for their descriptions of 3e Dungeon and Dragons items and spells. 

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*Note: Image in picture is an example only and may not reflect the contents of your meal…necklace :)

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