Ravenloft returns to D&D!

Curse of Strahd will return players to one of D&D’s most memorable settings.

Ravenloft has always been one of my favorite settings to have an adventure visit, I love that 5th edition is going to give new fans an opportunity to enjoy it as well. In 1983, Tracy and Laura Hickman introduced gamers to the mist-shrouded duchy of Barovia and its ruler, Count Strahd Von Zarovich. Strahd ruled Barovia, but was also the land’s prisoner, cursed to a life eternal after killing his brother out of love for his brother’s wife. The Dungeons & Dragons adventure was named Ravenloft, and it went on to spawn sequels, rewrites, board games, and even its own campaign setting. The adventure is still acclaimed today by the Nerdist and the Escapist as one of the greatest Dungeons & Dragons adventures of all time.

Curse of Strahd

On March 15th, Wizards will release Curse of Strahd, a D&D adventure which whisks players back to the crumbling parapets and night-shrieks of Strahd’s world. The supplement was written by Chris Perkins, the principal story designer over at Wizards of the Coast and a true D&D maestro and greatest hero of all of us at Rollwithitrpg, in consultation with the Hickmans.

The original Ravenloft is likely best known for Strahd, a villain with a story and motivation all his own, the replayability of the scenario due to random placement of needed items and characters (which happens in game via a tarot reading), and the ability of players to go anywhere and do anything in the land of Barovia.

How does the new product innovate on this excellence? Perkins said, “What we’ve done in Curse of Strahd is given you a bigger sandbox. The land of Barovia is more detailed than it has been previously, and there are more cool places to go and more cool people to meet, and a mechanism to guide you.”

The adventure provides significant character advancement along the way. “There is a starter adventure that goes from levels 1 to 3 in Barovia, and the heart of the adventure takes you as high as level 10,” Perkins stated. The adventure promises paths in for players in the Forgotten Realms or homebrew worlds looking to add some Gothic horror and garlic to their campaigns.

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