Brand New Dungeon Master tool: Infinitas DM App coming soon!

INFINITAS DM is an app for mobile platforms designed to improve world crafting and exploration for pen and paper RPGs.

I have to admit that the part of being a DM which frustrates me the most are maps. I hate using maps and minis and I try to move my players away from them in any game that can justify it. I like to say is that I lack the artistic ability to draw an accurate interpretation of the world, but really the whole process annoys me. I hate fumbling with tons of papers or trying to find ways to conceal parts of the map the player’s haven’t found yet, and I hate slowing down the game to draw them live right as the group is heading into battle. I’ve tried using pre-generated maps and sets before but they never seam to completely fit what I’m doing. I have high hopes that the new Infinitas DM app will help solve this for me.

Playing a campaign with Infinitas DM takes place on two screens. The primary screen is located on your smart device and is used by the DM or GM that is running the campaign. Meanwhile, a secondary display (such as a TV or monitor) provides the Player View. Maps are navigated by traditional pinch-and-zoom and drag-to-pan mechanics and can occupy more than the immediate screen space.

It also utilizes a Fog of War mechanic on the Player View screen. This is a great tool for allowing your players to explore a map visually without worrying about spoiling surprises or giving away secrets and upcoming events. It gives Dungeon Masters a great way to represent sight-limiting spells and effects like smoke screens, illusion spells, mist, etc.

Infinitas DM ViewInfinitas Player View

The DM view also allows for placing tokens that can not only be used to represent places, players, npc’s and enemies, but can also notate damage or status effects upon them, or include notes to have information handy for key story set pieces.

The system also allows for DM’s to add their campaign, story and world building notes even allowing for the creation of an Atlas to be utilized as you go through. The best part for me though was the uploading and creation of custom maps for the app. Not only can I utilize the system to create a map from scratch, I can also use the device camera to take a photo of a hand drawn map and import it into the app for use.

I know as soon as I read through everything Infinitas DM can do I was ready to download and utilize it this week. Atom Switch inc, will be launching a Kickstarter shortly. I know I’m not alone in saying if there is an App to simplify the only part of DMing that I don’t enjoy they can have my money! As soon as the Kickstarter is launched we’ll post an update and link here on

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